Cost and availability of energy are key factors in business location decisions. North Dakota boasts some of the most affordable utility rates in the United States. With abundant supplies of coal, oil and other natural resources, North Dakota is in the nation’s top ten producers of energy.

Electric Power Average Rates
Montana-Dakota Utilities Company
General Electric Service – Rate 30 Demand Component Energy Cost
Primary Service

(Primary service is applicable to customers that own their own transformers, related equipment and distribution facilities downstream of the meter, satisfactory to the Company so the customer can receive service and be metered at primary voltages of 2,400 volts or greater)

Basic Service Charge $100.00

Winter (Oct – May)

$11.00 / Kw


$0.55663 / Kw



Summer (June – Sept)

$14.00 / Kw


$0.55663/ Kw



Energy Charge       1.414¢ / kWh
**Plus F&PP          2.686₵ /kWh
*Plus ECRR           0.000₵ / kWh
*Plus TCA            0.642₵/ kWH
*Plus RRCA           .976₵/kWh
Total                     5.718₵/ kWh
Adjust **monthly or *annually
Secondary Service Winter (Oct – May)
$9.50 / KwGRRR$0.55663 / Kw
Summer (June – Sept)
$12.50 / KwGRRR$0.55663 / Kw
Energy Charge       2.331¢ / kWh
**Plus F&PP          2.784₵ /kWh
*Plus ECRR            0.000₵ / kWh
*Plus TCA             0.642₵/ kWH
*Plus RRCA           .976₵/kWh
Total                       6.773₵/ kWh
Adjust **monthly or *annually


Ample utilities including reliable power and an abundance of quality water are avaliable in Bismarck-Mandan. Rates for power, water and natural gas are among the lowest in the country.


Natural Gas Rates
Montana-Dakota Utilities Company
Average Cost for Industrial Users $0.668 /dk – plus cost of gas (2019 Avg was $2.61/dk) and base rate $1,500/month
Firm Contract Rates $0.811 /dk – plus cost of gas (2019 Avg was $3.79/dk) and base rate $61.50/month
Interruptible Service Rates $1.063 /dk – plus cost of gas (2019 Avg was $2.61/dk) and base rate $190/month
(Cents per Kilowatt hour)
North Dakota U.S. Average
Average Utility Prices
Residential 9.49 12.63
Commercial 8.91 10.38
Industrial 8.59 6.63
Natural Gas
(Dollars per Thousand Cubic Feet)
Residential 7.21 10.06
Commercial 5.45 7.25
Industrial 2.57 3.51
Source: Energy Information Administration, YTD April 2017 Electricity & Annual 2016 Natural Gas