The Bismack-Mandan Chamber EDC has identified three points of connection needed for interns to choose Bismarck-Mandan businesses for permanent employment. The Bismarck-Mandan Internship Network is a multi-tiered approach that we invite you to be a part of.

Connect With the Professional Community


The easiest way for our Interns to connect to Bismarck-Mandan is to encourage their attendance at events already happening in our cities. Former interns who chose to stay in BisMan cite events like 1 Million Cups and Chamber EDC Mixers as significant pieces of their decision to remain here. While these events (and many others) are already taking place, specifically inviting interns to take a part in them and encouraging them to attend (even when events take place during the normal working hours) is a key piece in keeping these young professionals in our community and working for our businesses.


We have developed a Facebook Page – BisMan Intern Network – that will post about these events. When bringing interns into your company, please encourage them to follow the page. We will also make a monthly calendar available to you, at your request, so you can specifically choose the events you’d like your interns to attend. These events are not only educational but provide important networking opportunities while encouraging our interns to connect more deeply to Bismarck-Mandan.

Connect With Other Interns


In addition to inviting your interns to existing professional events, the BMCEDC will be hosting Internship Mixers, where we invite 20-30 interns with similar professional goals to dinner with local industry leaders. For instance, interns within the tech field will all be invited to dinner on the same night alongside leaders in our tech businesses in Bismarck-Mandan.


These Internship Mixers will allow our interns to meet those other interns with similar professional interests, while learning more about how their future industries are involved in BisMan.

Connect With Bismarck-Mandan


While professional networking and relationship-building are two vital parts in keeping young professionals in our cities, we want our interns to not just see themselves working here but also playing here (and staying here).


Outside of work hours, there are so many recreational opportunities that interns can take advantage of, often at no cost! Free guided hikes at Fort Abraham Lincoln, outdoor yoga at BisMarket, Urban Harvest, and so many other events make our community a fun and vibrant place to live. In conversations with former interns, it often came up that they had no ideas these events were happening and felt as though they were often left with nothing to do when the workday was done.


Our Facebook page and Intern Calendar will include community events that we welcome the BisMan Interns to attend, and hope that it provides a way to get together again with the fellow interns they meet at our Intern Mixers. Each event will include information about cost and times, making it easy for our interns to opt in and show up!

For more infomartion on the Bismarck-Mandan Internship Program, please contact Mary by email at mary@bmcedc.com or 701-223-5660.